There’s something remarkable about a flawlessly coordinated event. Maybe it’s the wonderful feeling of staff buzzing about with genuine smiles as they present guests with the most delicious small bites and cocktails. It might be the background music that warms my heart as I watch the bride and groom waltz on the dance floor now as husband and wife, or the tears streaming down cheeks of sisters, fathers, or maids of honor as they tell the beautiful story of their cherished relationship to hundreds of close family and friends. Whatever it may be, I pursue perfection for couples because of all those little moments. With each wedding coordinated, I still get chills when I open the ceremony doors for the beautiful bride and her father, and remind her to smile and focus on her handsome finance at the end of that long aisle. I maneuver with each detail until the night has passed seemingly within a blink of an eye, and I smile to myself knowing the couple’s night was special. 

With a uniquely efficient approach to coordination, Dénouement Weddings was created to harmonize a passion for beautiful details with my natural planning talents. As founder and head coordinator I ensure every wedding is conducted exquisitely through a detailed preparation process so that each bride and groom experience a luxurious day filled with nothing but pure happiness. Unlimited communication and a comprehensive timeline allows me to individualize my services so that my couples build trust in me and become confident in the plan.  In this way I’m able to give my undivided attention come wedding day.

Getting to know one another through our initial 1:1 meeting is what I look forward to the most. Contact me so we can get to know one another!


Kate, Lead Coordinator 


Brittney (coordinator)

With a knack for coordinating and keen attention to detail, I regard the ability to harmonize life’s commitments and events as one of my most coveted skill sets. A strong proponent of living in the now, I believe that life’s largest milestones should be fully embraced, experienced and cherished, not spent distracted by technicalities. It brings me great joy to assist each newlywed couple relish in the joy of their new commitment by relieving any stress that may ensue.  Come each wedding day, I set out to obtain a level of harmony for each bride and groom to be, so they can truly savor their special wedding day for years to come. A constant open-mind, paired with elucidated objectives, allows me to uphold a strong standard of communication and achieve a final result that exceeds expectations. 

My passion for event coordination transpired from the simple gratification one receives when being entrusted with the responsibility of an event so near and dear to one’s heart. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as being granted the opportunity help a bride and grooms’ vision come alive. My devotion to orchestrating each couple’s vision, matched with my calm demeanor and upbeat attitude, allows me to thrive under pressure and tie together each final thread of detail seamlessly. It truly is a privilege to be a part of each couple’s special wedding day, each so unique and enamoring in their own way. I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about how I can assist make your wedding day vision a reality!