The Prologue

You've come to the conclusion this whole ‘planning your own wedding’ business is fun but you can’t do it alone. Staying sane up until the wedding is hard enough, let alone managing all the details you’ve been visualizing for months. You’re in desperate need of some assistance.

Character Development

On your initial consultation we’ll get to know each other, discuss your needs and develop a realistic strategy for pulling off your dream day without a hitch!

Setting the Scene

All the details will begin to fall in place when we walk through each of your venues to get a sense of your exact vision. By looking through your eyes, we‘ll specify the placement of décor, the exact floor plan, and the management of vendors - all crucial parts of your ideal day.

The Rising Action

This is the month of the wedding when things get even more stressful and time starts to fly! I’m here to calm your nerves by finalizing the plans, coordinating vendors, and bringing together the key details


The big day is finally here! I’ll become your voice should problems arise. I’ll rein in the wedding party and family for important pictures and line-ups, coordinate the moving parts, and most of all take those little details you’ve been obsessing over for months and make them happen! The necessities that shouldn’t cross your mind get taken care of and you get to relax, smile, and soak in every minute of this being most important day of your life!